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LUXURIOUS simple sugar Body SCRUB


Mmmm sugar!!

Silky Smooth skin is the result from using this simple sugar scrub..

Contains lots of hydrating materials to leave your skin feeling like a silk blanket is gently covering you.. All while removing the dead skin layer on top.

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Spun sugar: Imagine that cotton candy scent that fills your nose when walking through a carnival

This **** is bananas: Welcome to the jungle!! A super tropical blend of bananas, mangoes, and other tropical fruits!

Concession Stand : Smells like the scents when you walk into a carnival or circus … Sweet caramel corn, salty popcorn

  • 12oz pouch
  • Contains: Organic Sugar,Essential Oils,Fragrance blends,Shea butter,Cocoa Butter,Preservative,Oil blends

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Bday Cake, Choclate Chip Brownie (Best Seller), Concession Stand, Lavender Chamomille, Love Spells, Mint Choclate Chip (Best Seller), Muscle Relaxation Blend, Orange Creme Sicle, Pink Sugar, Spun Sugar, This ***t is bananas


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