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Mocha Frap Dry Facial Mask

$12.00 $10.00

  • Helps with anti aging
  • Helps absorb toxins
  • Helps with allergy skin issues
  • Does contain MILK
  • You can feel the clay pulsating on your skin
  • Cleans pours
  • Deep cleaning

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Ill have a mocha frap with extra whip!!!

– Take a scoop in your hand and add just a little bit of water to create a silky paste mask and apply on face.

-Leave on for as long as you want

-For more benefits mix with a small amount of apple cider vinegar and apply

– Perfect mixture of clays and cocoa to create the most Amazingly delicious mask

-•Slight redness is normal after use and will go away after about 30 mins

INGREDIENTS: Rose Clay,Red Clay,Silicate,Bentonite clay,milk,Cocoa,Coffee,black Charcoal


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