What countries do you ship to?

Currently we are only shipping to the USA and Canada. Eventually when we expand, we’ll also expand shipping to Mexico and Australia!


When will my order ship?

Usually orders ship between 5-7 Business days BUT (BIG BOLD BUT)…Shipping time can vary according to what you order.. because so many of our items are custom made… shipping time DOES vary… If we expect a longer ship time.. we will email you.


How do i apply the loose pigments?

Well our pigments are formulated like no other. You can apply them lightly with a fluffy brush BUT to see the REAL MAGIC and full color pigmentation spritz your brush with either a setting spray, water, or a facial spray…Dip your brush into the pigment.. tap access off..  then apply to your eyelid like any other eye shadow! Watch the magic happen! Our new colors have been REFORMULATED to be used without wet application. They are a soft creamy texture that are highly pigmented.


Where can I purchase your products?

Currently our products are only available VIA our website and social media… BUT very soon we will be sold in a couple retail locations.


Do you have Instgram?

Yes we have an instagram, twitter, facebook page and ALSO a periscope… if you want to see live swatches etc add us there!


Return Policy

Please Read our Terms and Conditions page … also available at check out =]


Are your products all natural? Organic, vegan? Talc free?

Currently we are 100% cruelty free (certified by leaping bunny.. You can view the certificate on our About us page)..Vegan Friendly: Each item is individually labeled with ingredients ..WE DO NOT CLAIM TO BE A STRICTLY VEGAN COMPANY (We also don’t control if our affiliates or promoters mistakingly make these claims)….Talc free… YES we are!…Organic: We strive to use mainly organic products especially in our lips balms, lotions, lipsticks and body scrubs.


What is your ingredients list?

All of our ingredients are listed under each and every of our products!


What was the inspiration behind frostaholics?

KAWAIIIII!!!!! Japanese influenced fo’ show! We love anythang and everythang cute and colorful!


Will Frostaholics be doing makeup tutorials in the future?

We are working to build relationships with some very influential youtube, instagram and bloggers! Sooo yes we will have makeup tutorials COMING SOON!!.. Like our facebook page to keep up with all our new endeavors!


How long does it generally take you to come up with, create, then execute a product?

Wellll we work pretty fast! Were always thinking up new concepts for new products! We have big plans for Frostaholics =] and we are so happpppy when we have loyal customers with us along the journey.


What are you products made from?

LOVE , MAGIC, GLITTER, and UNICORN TEARS. duh! lol …(ingredients in each listing )


I saw your kick butt lipgloss containers, what kind of lip gloss is inside of them?

The AMAZING kind obviously! hah.. We use nothing but the best ingredients for our lip balms..Creamy organic shea butter, yummy organic coconut oil, Organic Shea Butter, silky avocado oil, organic mango butter.. yummy flavor oils etc!!


How did you start frostaholics?

Frostaholics was born in December 2014… Built on the love of beauty, cosmetics, all things cute, and Japanese art!


When did frostaholics start?

December 2014.


Are your pigments repackaged?

NO NO NO. We do not just order from our suppliers and throw the same product into a jar and ship it to you. We formulate and mix ALL of our colors to create our own products. We work with many suppliers for all of our materials.


Is there somewhere we can pick and choose what we want?

Custom Orders… OF COURSE! We love creating one of a kind designs and colors for our customers =] Feel free to email us directly at Death_by_frosting@aol.com


What sets Frost apart from all the other makeupcompanies?

Well we are not JUST a make up company. We make custom items, cosmetics AND beauty products.


Do you use“chemicals”?

Everything we use is cosmetic grade and every individual ingredient we use is FDA approved for its usage. In order to be Cruelty Free Certified everyone one of our suppliers had to sign a cruelty free pledge .


Where are you based? And where are your products made.

We are 100% MADE IN LOS ANGELES. Our suppliers are all over the world but we formulate everything in LA.


Do you have plans for a store in the future?

We would love to have a Brick and Mortar store front. We have floor plans and everything already designed!


I am a youtuber.. Do you offer free products for review?

Currently we don’t offer free products because any free product going out is lost revenue that could go towards creating new and amazing products for our customers. We do however have have a youtube ambassador program .. If you are interested in joining please email us death_by_frosting@aol.com and include your instagram link, blog, or youtube.


How old are you? 

Well… I am almost 2 but my creator is 27 and fabulous!